We offer a wide range of accomodation facilities, all chosen with the utmost care in order to present the best balance of quality and price. The following rates apply to each unit (not each person). The price includes use of the completely furnished unit, fully equipped kitchen, tv, and parking space (the last where expressly indicated). It also includes weekly laundry service. The rental units are presented in a perfect state of cleanliness and we ask that our esteemed clients leave them in the same state in which they were found. The linens, for obvious hygienic reasons, are excluded. Upon reservation, the client is asked to pay a small deposit, varying between 100 and 300 euros depending on the length of the stay. The minimum stay is one week; during the month of August, the minimum stay is two weeks (unless otherwise specified). ATTENTION: In the case of a cancelled reservation, the deposit paid at the moment of stipulation will not be returned. In light of all this, we believe that we can offer an ideal tourist experience for all tastes and all budgets.
apartment for 4/5 people
250 euro per sett.
450 euro per sett.
750 euro per sett.
250 euro per sett.
apartment for 6 people
300 euro per sett.
500 euro per sett.
850 euro per sett.
300 euro per sett.
apartment for 7/8 people
350 euro per sett.
600 euro per sett.
1000 euro per sett.
350 euro per sett.

Appartamenti May and October: 200 euro for week

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